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Azi, z”tl lived life to the fullest. His infectious smile shone wherever he went and brightened the faces of every person he met. Azi may have been young in years, but he was wise far beyond his age in his interactions with the world around him…

Living with Azi's Legacy

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tools for children and young adults to develop positive character traits encompassing kindness, consideration, and happiness. Join us in filling the toolbox of thousands to become productive and constructive members of society.

Educational material

We seek to provide educational materials that will aid in developing people’s awareness of each other and their obligations towards other human beings.  Schools and institutions can apply for specific materials aligned to our goals that will enhance their own curriculum.


Azi was all about small, kind, respectful gestures. He was about doing the right thing for the right reasons. His favorite nicknames for his siblings were “micro” and “tiny” which was funny as he was our youngest child.  We just put these concepts together to form our push of “micro mitzvah”.

Our mission is to inspire people to become more aware and respectful of the people around them by performing meaningful, small and  steady acts.

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