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Be A Mensch

Be A Mensch

The “Be A Mensch” organization is dedicated to bringing Israeli society together and infusing into it the positive values that are the key to personal and societal success, working towards a responsible, just, considerate, and integrity driven society. They work with partners across the social, political and religious spectrum to reach as broad an audience as possible with a variety of programs.

The Morris M. Horowitz Kollel

The Morris M. Horowitz Kollel

As the rest of the world sleeps, our devoted full-time Avreichim trek out to the Beis Medrash of our Yeshiva to devote their evenings to the Torah study of Jewish Law. Our Kollel Avreichim are keen, passionate, and focused young married men who have thrown themselves into Torah learning completely. We offer you the opportunity to support them and share in the incredible learning that happens in our Beis Medrash every night.

Partners in Torah

Partners in Torah

Partners in Torah’s signature phone study program offers Jewish adults of all backgrounds across North America a cost-free learning opportunity to discover Judaism – its culture, history, and traditions – at their pace and their schedule. Jewish men and women with an interest in acquiring specific skills or who simply want to build on their Jewish knowledge-base, are matched, one-to-one, with a carefully selected personal Torah trainer or “mentor” for up to an hour a week of over-the-phone study and discussion.

Sue Koltai speaks at Partners in Torah‘s 3-week program for sustained, personal growth through small acts, called #LevelUp.

Please contact Partners in Torah to get involved and start growing with a partner.

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