Elazar Yitzchak (Azi) Koltai, z”tl lived life to the fullest.

His infectious smile shone wherever he went and brightened the faces of every person he met. Azi may have been young in years, but he was wise far beyond his age in his interactions with the world around him. Azi played hard, as all children should, but he also prayed and learned and studied like a true sage. In all circumstances of his life, be it with friends, family, teachers, or total strangers, Azi treated every single person with respect and joy.

Azi did all of this in 13 3/4 years before he was taken from us in Meron.

Meron, 2021

On L’ag B’Omer, the  18th of Iyar, thousands of people of all ages come to Meron to daven, sing and dance by the kever of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.  Bonfires are lit to remember his revelation of the Zohar, a book of “light” and the atmosphere is one of pure joy and connection with Hashem. 

Our son longed to go to Meron and this year he got the chance. At a moment’s notice he was on a bus, actually a 5 hour bus ride.  At the kever of Rashbi, Azi and thousands of other  pure yidden, said Shema, Ani Maamin and Viduy.

Just then, Azi and 44 other pure souls were taken up to the greatest Yeshiva of all.  We only learned that there was something amiss in the middle of the night.  By dawn’s light we were davening, hoping and doing any mitzvah we could for his sake, such as taking challah.  So many people said tehillim, searched the mountain and did various mitzvahs for him and so many other missing people, from all over the world.  Barely an hour before Shabbos we learned that Azi’s soul was taken. 

We were absolutely heartbroken.  But we also believe that he fully lived his life, and, in Sue’s fathers words “he was where he wanted to be, doing what he wanted to do”.

Memories of Azi zt"l

Sue Koltai's Letter

Following the events of Meron, during the seven days of mourning, Azi’s mother, Sue Koltai sent out a letter, addressing the many people who reached out to comfort the family. Her letter was shared widely and offered many people great comfort, illuminating who Azi was and the legacy he left behind.

Living with Azi's Legacy

#MicroMitzvah is born:

One small step for change

Azi was all about small, kind, respectful gestures. He was about doing the right thing for the right reasons. His favorite nicknames for his siblings were “micro” and “tiny” which was funny as he was our youngest child.  We just put these concepts together to form our push of “micro-mitzvah”

Join us in sparking meaningful change across the globe.


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